Faro Source supported CentOS versus RHEL

Package ComponentsRHELCentOS
BootloaderGRUB 2GRUB 2
ClusteringRed Hat Cluster SuiteLinux-HA
ContainerizationRed Hat OpenShiftDocker, Kubernetes
Default File SystemXFSXFS
Enterprise Package ManagementRed Hat Satellite 5 or 6Spacewalk, Katello
Graphical User InterfaceGNOME 3, KDE SC 4.10GNOME 3, KDE SC 4.10
InstallerISOISO, LiveCD
Kernel Version (July, 2017)3.10.0-514.26.2.el7.x86_643.10.0-514.26.2.el7.x86_64
Package ManagementYumYum
Patches/FixesSLA with Red HatSLA with Faro Source
SecuritySELinux, NSS, Linux PAM, firewalldSELinux, NSS, Linux PAM, firewalld
Service Managementsystemdsystemd
Storage ManagementLVM, SSMLVM, SSM
Virtual Device InterfaceSPICESPICE
VirtualizationRed Hat Virtualization Manager, KVMOVirt, KVM
Licensing & Support  
License agreementRed Hat EULAFOSS-GPL
Commercial Support SLA24 x7 Support with Red Hat24 x7 Support with Faro Source

How much could you save by switching to CentOS?